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5E Series Sample Divider

5E Series Sample Divider is the updated motive division apparatus after simulating manual division. It is suitable for sample division in coal mine, iron ore, metallurgical coke and chemical industry.


    Models Available:
    5E-MR1/8 Sample Divider
    5E-MRA1/8 Rotary Sample Divider

    5E-MR1/8 Sample Divider
    1. Dust free due to complete sealed design.
    2. Easy to clean and no sample mixing.
    3. Patent technology, easy to adjust the division ratio.

    5E-MRA1/8 Rotary Sample Divider
    1. Vibrating feeder to ensure the feed material even.
    2. Rotary speed & feed location is adjustable.
    3. Compact structure and easy to install and uninstall of the receiving buckets.


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