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Mechanical Sampler | Sample Preparation Equipment | Analytical Instrument

CKIC is the global leader in the manufacture of mechanical samplers, sample preparation equipment and analytical instruments for various applications.

5E-CS3800 Sulfur Carbon Analyzer

5E-CS3800 Sulfur Carbon Analyzer which is developed on the basis of 5E-IRS3600, is used to determine the carbon and sulfur content in coal, coke, biomass, SRF and other organic combustibles. With pioneering technology of auto loading and combustion worldwide, it can realize automatic analysis for large quantity samples with accurate results. 5E-CS3800 is widely applied in coal mines, power plant, environmental, commercial inspection and scientific research, etc. It must be mentioned that 5E-CS3800 is especially suitable for the commercial laboratories, power plants with large quantity samples for analysis, which helps to minimize the manual operation and make the analysis easier.


5E Series C/H/N Elemental Analyzer

5E Series C/H/N Elemental Analyzer is used to determine carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen content in solid and liquid material, such as coal, coke, oil, petroleum, biomass, fertilizer, plastic, food, hydrocarbons and plant tissue, leaves and tobacco, which is widely applied in power plants, coal mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, food industry, education etc.

5E-HGT2321 Automatic Mercury Analyzer

5E-HGT2321 Automatic Mercury Analyzer is used to determine trace mercury both in liquid and solid samples such as coal, coal fly ash, soil, sludge, sediment, ore, mineral, food, waste water and feed.

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 CKIC | Mechanical Sampler | Sample Preparation Equipment | Analytical Instrument

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