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5E-RILS1800 Robotic Intelligent Laboratory System NEW!

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5E-RILS1800 Robotic Intelligent Laboratory System is able to determine calorific value, total sulfur, internal moisture, ash, volatile matter, CHN content and other indicators by robot technology. The main components include intelligent robot, automatic analytical instruments (calorimeter, sulfur analyzer, proximate analyzer, and elemental analyzer), automatic bottle opener and sampling device, automatic weighing device, oxygen vessel loading and cleaning device, electrical control system, and laboratory analysis and data management software.


    5E-RILS1800 Robotic Intelligent Laboratory System is the new breakthrough developed by CKIC based on the its rich experience in the field of coal analytical instrument and fuel intelligent equipment. Combined with advanced robot technology, the system is a high-end intelligent testing instrument with landmark significance.

    It cannot only replace the traditional operation mode, namely manual operation of various analytical instruments by a large number of laboratory personnel, but also dock with the intelligent fuel management system to realize the automatic operation of the whole process of sampling, preparation and testing.

    Unattended Operation
    Adopt intelligent robot to finish operation instead of analyst. The robot is able to complete all procedures like opening bottle, sampling, weighing, loading, testing, and calculating. No human interference occurs during the whole process, ensuring the facticity and impartiality of testing results.

    Outstanding Accuracy
    All instruments integrated in the system are optimized based on laboratory equipment, and are all in line with the requirements of national standards. Adopt testing methods in GB standards to ensure the accuracy of analysis results, which can be used for settlement and arbitration analysis.

    High Efficiency
    Complete analysis of 60 samples in 8 hours for each shift, and the sample amount can be customized according to actual requirements. Only one watch-keeper is needed in each shift to complete the auxiliary work such as placing the empty crucible and cleaning the crucible after the analysis. Non-laboratory professionals can also be easily competent, saving time and effort.

    Powerful Software
    The system software integrates the functions of the laboratory management system, which can analyze the data of the test process. Experts will verify the accuracy of the test results. With standard data interface, it can be connected to the Internet to transmit data remotely and accept remote centralized control of the fuel intelligent control system.

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