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5E-CYQ Road Wagon Sampler

5E-CYQ Road Wagon Sampler is used for random sampling of bulk materials in the carriage of train or truck. It consists of sampling system, electrical control system, automatic ultrasonic positioning system and coal surface detecting device.


    1. Two augers can be equipped to meet the demands of sampling different materials.
    2. Full section sampling fully comply with the mechanical sampling standard.
    3. Single point sampling and multipoint sampling are available to increase the efficiency.
    4. Automatic ultrasonic positioning technology an sampling ensures reliable results without human interference.
    5. Reduction and division of the material by online sample preparation system is available if it is needed.
    6. Capable to connect with information management system.
    7. Control methods: Touch Screen Controller+PLC/Automatic/Semi-Auto/Manual.

    Intergration Solution for Sampling and Sample Preparation:
    Road/Railway Wagoin Sampler + Auto Barreling + Manual Transfer




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