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5E-HA0711 Hardgrove Grindability Index Tester

5E-HA0711 Hardgrove Grindability Index Tester is designed to measure the grindability of coal, which is widely applied in coal industry, power plant ,metallurgy and chemical industry.


    Standard Configuration:
    Main analyzer
    Grinding bowl
    Grinding balls
    Standrad Reference Material(GBW)

    Sample loading assisting tools
    Sieves (Available for ASTM/GB/ISO standard)

    High Automation

    1. Auto-lifting of grinding bowl, auto-loading weights, auto-counting of revolution.
    2. The operation is limited to only put the sample into the bowl for grinding, screen out the samples before grinding and after grinding, and enter the mass of two screen residues, then the HGI value will be calculated and printed out automatically.

    Compact Structure
    1. Built-in motor ensures the safety of operators, provides low noise environments.
    2. Small space occupied and no moving parts exposed by integrated structure.

    Intelligent Control
    1. Real time displaying of working status and working process with intelligent control.
    2. Built-in program of linear calibration curve, realizes automatic calculation.


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