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5E-PL300B Automatic Plastmetric Indices

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5E-PL300B Automatic Plastometric Indices Determinator (also called Sapozhnikov Plastometer) is used to determine the plastometric indices of bituminous coal (maximum thickness of plastic layer Y, final contraction value of plastic layer X) and describe technical characteristics of coke, which helps to guide coking and coal blending . It is widely applied in coal mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and verification institution of coal quality.


    Standard Configuration:
    Main analyzer
    Coal cup
    Pressure set
    Thermocouple tube
    Heating element set
    Probe set
    Cushion for coal cup
    Filter paper for coal cup
    Paper for steel needle
    Displacement sensor
    Pressure sensor
    Steel needle

    Full-automatic Test Process

    1. Temperature controller provides temperature rise curve based on GB standard.
    2. The rolling paper is automatically aligned with probe, which improves the stability and accuracy of measurement as well as ease-of-use.
    3. All loading and removing of weights are controlled by the intelligent system, greatly reducing labor intensity and simplifying operation.
    4. Volume sensor is automatically loaded and removed to enhance stability of a measurement.
    5. The change of sample volume and plastic layer will be automatically recorded to form curve.
    6. The intelligent manipulator measures the curve of upper and layer to get the maximum thickness.

    Cost Saving
    Integrated smoke exhaust system ensures the test is performed without external fume cupboard.

    Improved Safety
    1. Interlock Features. High-voltage parts are designed with isolated protection.
    2. Equipped with the functions of power-off protection and monitoring.

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