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5E-AF4000 Ash Fusion Determinator

5E-AF4000 Ash Fusion Determinator is used to determine ash cone deformation temperatures in coal ash, coke ash, biomass ash and mold powders automatically, which are critical to the boiler functioning properly and to avoid slagging and fouling.


    Standard Configuration:
    Main analyzer
    A/C adapter
    Ash cone plate
    Activated carbon

    Combustion cup
    Duab kit
    Ash cone module
    Gasket kit
    Tool kit

    Optional Configuration:
    7 samples ash cone plate (ISO std)

    1. Determine four critical temperatures (DT, ST, HT, FT) automatically.
    2. 3.2Mega-pixel professional camera provides high resolution image.
    3. Durable heating element with Si-Mo material and ergonomic vertical furnace design ensures stable working temperature.
    4. Video clips available for replaying, which makes automatic identification and manually identification available.
    5. Atmosphere simulation by using graphite and activated carbon, minimize the operation cost without gas consumption.
    6. Automatically check the gas leakage with auditory alarm and gas flow terminated if triggered.


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